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Hi, I'm Connie Kwan.

VP Product, as a service


I offer Storytelling and VP of Product as a service to B2B technology companies from Seed stage to Series C. I specialize in deeply technical products that have a harder time telling their stories to customers and investors. I help those companies build out and establish their Product Management and Marketing teams. I can help you simplify your product and brand story, then build a playbook for lead generation and conversion of your target customers. I can help you uncover customer needs, establish value-based pricing and tie everything to a prioritized roadmap.

Think of me as your fractional VP Product

and sounding board on all things Product and Marketing. 

  • Product Storytelling

  • Sales Playbook 

  • Roadmap

  • Pricing 

  • Product Mindset

  • Product Led Culture

  • Hiring 

  • Remote Teams

Industry Experience

  • Enterprise, SaaS and On premise

  • Consumer Mobile and Web Apps

  • Platforms, Marketplaces and Ecosystems 

  • AI, Fintech, Blockchain

  • Digital Health

  • Solar and Energy, Semiconductor

Atlassian Product Managers
OMG Network

Who’s Connie Kwan?

Connie Kwan is a Product executive from Silicon Valley with 16 years of Product Leadership Experience. She's led teams at Atlassian, the company that created JIRA Agile and set the standard for product-led development. She is the VP Product at OmiseGO and was previously the CPO at a Khosla funded startup. She has shipped products spanning SaaS, enterprise, marketplace, developer ecosystem, consumer, hardware-software combination, blockchain, solar and semiconductor. She brings a breadth of domain experiences to your product challenges.



She currently advises CEOs on Product Strategy and building Product-led Culture at various startups and venture firms. Her proprietary frameworks include Kwan's Hierarchy of Product needs and Product StoryWheel. She also adopts and teaches well-known product and leadership frameworks such as Lean, User Stories, Jobs to be Done, Pragmatic Marketing and OKRs. When it comes to designing a product-led organization, the devil is in the implementation details. The frameworks and tools need to work with the organization, and she helps leadership teams identify the right combination to set the organization up for product success.


Our product is very complex. It is an infrastructure B2B product and I've always had a hard time communicating what we do to the external layman. Connie's superpower is empathizing with people and helping them understand the story on their own terms. Our story both internally and externally has been lifted by Connie's involvement. 

Vansa C.

CEO, OMG Network



Connie was instrumental in helping our company ‘grow up.' The workshop she facilitated for our team was painstakingly planned and well executed, and infused with energy and humor throughout. We would unhesitatingly work with Connie again, and I would highly recommend her services. Her ability to combine both the ‘poetry’ and ‘prose’ in articulating one’s brand is truly unique.

Sheldon F.


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