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Who We Work With

Startup Founders

"We have great technology, but we aren't getting customer traction"

"Our pitch decks are landing flat with potential investors"

"We have so many markets. Where should we focus first?"


"How can we scale our products faster?"

"How do I build a long term strategy?"

"How do I build a product-first org with a culture of innovation?"

Enterprise Leaders

"Our market is shrinking. How do we pivot our stragegy?"

"How do I pivot from a project-based company to a tech-based product company?"

"How do I transform by business using tech and AI?"

Our Services


We'll be on call to work as your sounding board to help you with:

  • Product Strategy
  • Product Market Fit
  • Building Core Competencies
  • Hiring the right team
  • Pitching to Investors
  • Building Company Culture


We'll help your company elevate your products and scale by providing.

  • Coaching and mentoring sessions for your product leaders
  • Product Audit and recommendations
  • Product Strategy Evaluation


We'll run custom workshops for your leadership and product teams:

  • Mission and Vision
  • Storytelling
  • Fast and Effective Decisions
  • Innovative Brainstorming
  • Building High Trust Teams
  • and more...

Our Team of Maestros

Connie Kwan

Head of SaaS, FinTech, and Marketplace

Connie Kwan is a Product executive from Silicon Valley with 17 years of Product Leadership Experience. She has led teams at Atlassian, the company that created JIRA Agile and set the standard for product-led development. She was the VP Product at Blockchain company OMG Network and CPO at a Khosla funded healthtech company, Carrot. She has shipped products spanning SaaS, enterprise, marketplace, developer ecosystem, consumer, hardware-software combination, blockchain, solar and semiconductor. She brings a breadth of domain experiences to your product challenges.

She currently advises CEOs on Product Strategy and building Product-led Culture . Her proprietary frameworks include Kwan's Hierarchy of Product needs and Product StoryWheel. She also adopts and teaches well-known product and leadership frameworks such as Lean, User Stories, Jobs to be Done, Pragmatic Marketing and OKRs. When it comes to designing a product-led organization, the devil is in the implementation details. The frameworks and tools need to work with the organization, and she helps leadership teams identify the right combination to set the organization up for product success.


Eric Liu

Head of Innovation, Consumer and AI

Eric HC Liu is an R&D and Product Management professional, founder of, and science fiction novelist. He is passionate about how technology can shape and improve the world. TLDR:

EIGHTEEN: years developing new products at Palm, HP, Google X, and Google

THIRTY-FIVE: patents granted, over 90 filed

THIRTY: new businesses incubated as Product Lead for Google X new business incubator

ONE HUNDRED MILLION: kids served as GPM for Google Assistant for Kids

FIVE: large companies aligned to launch an innovative kids reading experience (Google, Nest, Walmart, Disney, and Penguin Random House

TWO: non-Ivy League schools (MIT/Stanford) attended

His specialties include

- User Empathy and Product Sense

- Innovation and Ideation - leading brainstorms, sprints, collaboration

- Crafting and Selling a Vision

- Product Strategy and Roadmap developent

- Cross-functional and Partnership Alignment - Complex Politics (partner empathy)

- Organization and Culture Design

LinkedIn - Bio


Our product is very complex. It is an infrastructure B2B product and I've always had a hard time communicating what we do to the external layman. Connie's superpower is empathizing with people and helping them understand the story on their own terms. Our story both internally and externally has been lifted by Connie's involvement.

Vansa C.

CEO, OMG Network

Eric facilitated a strategic vision session for me at Google and did a phenomenal job. He strikes the appropriate balance of being an objective neutral observer - but, at the same time aiding in pushing the discussion forward. He took the time to prep in advance of the workshop to really familiarize himself with the specifics of our particular domain and so, he could really guide the session at a tactical level as well.

Unni N.

Sr. Director, Engineering, Google

Connie was instrumental in helping our company ‘grow up.' The workshop she facilitated for our team was painstakingly planned and well executed, and infused with energy and humor throughout. We would unhesitatingly work with Connie again, and I would highly recommend her services. Her ability to combine both the ‘poetry’ and ‘prose’ in articulating one’s brand is truly unique.

Sheldon F.


Eric is a true free-thinker. Creative, but with the chops to implement his innovative ideas. I frequently sought out Eric's opinions and ideas when faced with opportunities to innovate in the mobile space and found him to be an exceptional thought leader.

Mickie C.

VP, Strategic Partnerships @ Cablelabs

Product Advising and Consulting

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