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Connie Kwan is a Management executive from Silicon Valley with 16 years of Product and Marketing Leadership Experience spanning blockchain, digital health, energy, hardtech and software (Atlassian, MSFT, CY, SPWR). She is an entrepreneur, advisor, and an active speaker on the topic of product storytelling. She has given talks at Product Management Festival in ZurichGoogle Tech TalkHealth 2.0, and Atlassian Summit. Additionally, she has been on panels for Women in Product and Product Pub and was interviewed for a podcast for Practical Product. She has founded 2 startups, and helped many founders craft and deliver their product visions.  She is a master at engaging different audiences through powerful narrative. 


Her company Product Maestro advises CEOs on Product Strategy and building Product-led Culture. Her proprietary frameworks include Kwan's Hierarchy of Product needs and Product StoryWheel. She also adopts and teaches well-known product and leadership frameworks such as Lean, User Stories, Jobs to be Done, Pragmatic Marketing and OKRs. When it comes to designing a product-led organization, the devil is in the implementation details. The frameworks and tools need to work with the organization, and she helps leadership teams identify the right combination to set the organization up for product success.

Past Talk Topics 

  • How to tell a Powerful Story for Every Audience 

    Leadership, Product Management

  • Storytelling through Design 

  • Kwan's Hierarchy of Product Needs: How to architect an Agile organization from startup to maturity. 


"Connie is magic on stage. Her talk was fully packed with over 100 people wall to wall and everyone stayed til the very end. Connie is a great Storyteller. Her content was spot on, and she surprised me with her seamless transformation from one Storyteller Type to another in her delivery. It was captivating to watch. We loved it so much we invited her back to speak again at our next event."

Tom L.

SVP Product, iPrice Group



“Connie is a very engaging speaker with a lot of knowledge on how to tell a compelling story. Her story at Product Management Festival 2019 was rated one of the best among 60+ sessions”.

Agnes S.

Organizer, Product Management Festival

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