Do you use stories to engage your employees, customers and investors in your vision?

Harness the storytelling techniques of theatre to influence your investors, employees and customers

Whether it's your customers, investors or internal stakeholders, stories is the best path to a shared understanding.

"One of the best workshops I’ve had in many years. The interdisciplinary format is ingenious!”

- CEO, SaaS software company

"Great session, great energy, great learnings! I want more. I'm so happy I went."

- CEO, executive coaching company

What is the Product Storytelling Workshop?

In this collaborative workshop, we work with CEOs and functional leaders to Align, Craft and Deliver a compelling vision to customers, employees and investors. Delivered by Connie Kwan, with 15 years of Product Management experience in Silicon Valley, together with Max Koknar, with 15 years as an actor, theatre director and educator, this unique workshop combines business acumen with storytelling techniques of performance theatre. The workshop contains 5 tool-kits to equip you with the skills to Align, Craft and Deliver your product vision and move your audience. The full workshop is 4 hours. One hour tool-kit workshops are also available. Inquire by emailing

Tool-kit 1: Product Vision (it starts with team vision alignment)

This tool-kit is built to create powerful content that unifies into one central product vision. First, we draw out the your product or company's vision. This process is particularly useful for creating alignment between internal and customer facing teams. This is the heart of your content work. From this wheel, all variations of your stories are crafted to appeal to different audiences.

Tool-kit 2: Story Craft

Emotional journeys define the core beliefs of your audience, and all messages to your audience must speak to their core belief or it will feel inauthentic. Learn about the six emotional journeys that are appropriate for business, and practice applying them to your vision to take your audience on a compelling story arc.

Tool-kit 3: Audience Archetype

How does your audience best receive your message? We will show you how to type your audience so that you can use the correct speaker archetype in your delivery. A few volunteers will get a chance to to practice and refine the delivery of their stories. You will gain techniques for refining your pitch’s content and delivery approach. Be prepared to expertly paint the vision for your customers, employees and investors to your cause, company and product.

Tool-kit 4: Speaker Archetype

Are you more of an Evangelist, a Visionary or a Professor? There are six archetypes and each represent your speaking style. Understanding your natural archetype will allow you to tune your delivery for your different audiences. Discover your strengths and get help tuning your delivery techniques for best results.

Tool-kit 5: Delivery Techniques

Practice makes perfect. This tool kit dives into the nuts and bolts of both presentation skills and brand experience 'skills.' The audience may be engaged via a personal presentation, or via touch-points with your brand. In either case, one-on-one coaching is provided to draw out the most compelling you, or the most compelling presentation of your brand.

What you need to participate:

You should come with an initial product pitch that you wish to refine. The audience can be customers, employees or investors. You can participate solo or with your leadership team. For product pitches that need more refinement, we recommend participating with your team so that you may draw on their expertise to refine the product pitch during the workshop.

What happens:

After 4 hours of active engagement, you will walk out with your new superpower to take your customers, employees and investors on most compelling journey of your product story.

This workshop is co-hosted by Connie Kwan and Max Koknar.

Connie Kwan is a seasoned Product leader with 15 years spanning enterprise, SaaS, consumer apps, cryptocurrency, AI, health tech, energy and semiconductor industries. She was Chief Product Officer at Carrot, and Head of Product at Atlassian’s App Marketplace. She has shipped consumer apps at Microsoft, founded 2 software startups, and consulted for ImpactIQ and Prior to software, she managed solar and inverter (OEM) products at SunPower and semiconductor products at Cypress Semiconductor. Currently, Kwan leads workshops on Product Management and offers VP Product as a service to Series A, B and pre-A startups who build software.

Max Koknar produces and teaches theatre as the Education Director and Incoming Artistic Director of Dragon Theatre. He also designs and produces story-driven, 360-degree immersive theatre and VR experiences as the Associate Artistic Director of Epic Immersive. He has served as an executive coach, trainer and experience designer for Google, Box, UCBerkeley, Genentech, Facebook, Apple, and Child Advocates of Silicon Valley.