Storytelling class

for Product Leaders

This is an online class with instructor interactions.

Your company sponsored professional development budget can likely pay for this class. 


Harness the power of storytelling to attract customers and manage up, down and across your organization.

  • Use storytelling to get execs on board with your vision and customers to buy. In every high-stakes interaction, use our methodology to get your point across with crystal clarity.

  • In our classes, we have distilled the art of storytelling into a science. Our methodology has been field tested to create memorable stories that influence.

  • At the end of our classes, you will have the superpower to articulate a crystal clear product vision. We focus on your ability to influence up, whether that's with your executives, your board or your investors. You will learn how to prepare for and deliver stories that influence. At the end of our classes, you will have a toolbox of ready-to-go stories for articulating product vision and other common leadership scenarios.

Students and Alumni of our classes are invited to our exclusive Story Lab, a practice space where you will get personal feedback from me, the instructor, to help you up-level your storytelling. You may also be matched with a partner to practice your storytelling skills.

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"For me, this was the most valuable training in a long time and I'm looking forward to improving my storytelling skills a little bit every day."


Product Owner, Linchpin

"The content of the class is top-notch and well organized. Each class was entertaining and engaging. The class gave me a platform to tell stories and prepare myself for the future. And Connie's personal feedback on my assignments added so much value! I think product folks who practice her concepts regularly become good storytellers and advance their careers."


Director of Product, ex-Orbitz

Instructor at Product School

"Connie helps us develop the 6 storyteller types along with the LENSE framework. These tools helped me become a more valuable employee by clearly articulating my value add to my organization via better story telling and clearer communication. It also gave me the confidence to pursue a business idea I been considering for a while."


Staff Product Leader, Expedia

GE, Cisco

Who’s teaching?

Connie Kwan has crafted and delivered thousands of stories in her roles as Chief Product Officer and CEO. Whether it's presenting to executives, motivating teams, or convincing candidates to join a company, storytelling is at the heart of her work. In her 15 years spanning enterprise and consumer, SaaS, health, energy and semiconductor, she has told stories on public stages at Google Tech Talk, Health 2.0, and at Atlassian's annual conference. Additionally she has been on panels for Women in Product and Product Pub and was interviewed for a podcast for Practical Product. She understands how to engage different audiences through powerful narratives. She collaborated with actor and theatre director Max Koknar to create the Storyteller Method that turns the art of storytelling into a science. This is the method we will be learning in this class.

Who are these classes for?

Product Managers and people leaders. This class builds influence skills that are applicable for managing up, down and across the organization. If your success hinges on effectively working with people, then this class is for you.

Why now?

             Two Reasons.

  • You have a high-stakes event coming up such as positioning yourself for a promotion, launching a product, ideating a new product, fundraising, moving into a new role etc.

  • You are ready to accelerate your career by building your influence skills, which is the most important one for people-based work.

What is the Format?

  • 6 modular classes 

    There are 6 classes and you can purchase separately or in a bundle. 




  • See benefits immediately

    Most students see benefits immediately because we work on a tangible storytelling challenge in the class. Expect to spend 1-3 hours on each class. You can complete all 6 classes in about 8 weeks. 

  • Self-paced Videos

    All class materials are recorded and online. You can  access on your mobile or desktop anytime, day or night. 

    • Slack Community

      Students are invited to an exclusive Slack channel to interact with other students and get feedback from the instructor, 


    • Instructor Office Hours 

      For subscription plans and the 6 class bundle you can access weekly office hours where you can get mentoring from the instructor and have your specific questions answered. 

    • Cohort based available 

      Twice a year, we host a cohort-based class where we step through the materials together in 8 weeks. If you're interested in that, click on Join next cohort below which takes you to a form.

      What are the 6 classes?

      Here are the 6 classes that we offer. Click the image below to view each syllabus and purchase directly.

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