Giving a talk or presentation?

Tell a more powerful story in just one hour with us

Step 1: Get scored on your 10 minute presentation

Give us your short version and get a score so you know what to focus on. We meet virtually on Zoom so you can join from anywhere. You don't need a slide deck, but if you have one, present with it. We will give you feedback the deck as well so you can modify it later.

Step 2: Get tools and hands on help to up-level your narrative

There are many ways to be a powerful speaker but there is one right way for you. Now that we know your pitch, we will use our proprietary tools to build your most powerful narrative. with you. As part of the session fee, you will get access to these tools for the next year. So you can use them again for free for all your presentation.

Step 3: Build presence and confidence

Your body language and voice tells over 65% of your story. Get actionable tips that you can take away with you for all future presentations. Walk out with more confidence to engage your audience.

Tell a more powerful story in just one hour with us

Hundreds of storytellers have honed their skills with us

The Product Maestro team:

Max Koknar is a Turkish-born actor, director, writer, educator, producer and the Co-Artistic Director of Dragon Productions. Over a professional career of 15 years, Max has entertained over a half million people as a performer and created sold-out immersive experiences with Epic Immersive. He serves as an executive coach, training facilitator and experience designer for Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Box, Intuit, and Genentech:

Connie Kwan is a seasoned story-crafter and Product leader who has crafted and delivered product visions in her roles as Chief Product Officer and CEO. In her 15 years spanning enterprise and consumer, SaaS, health, energy and semiconductor, she has presented on stage at Google Tech Talk, Health 2.0, and Atlassian's annual conference. Additionally she has been on panels for Women in Product and Product Pub and was interviewed for a podcast for Practical Product. She understands how to engage different audiences through powerful narrative. Her experiences include:

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Are you ready to invest in yourself?

What is your time worth? If you spend 10 hours at toastmasters you will build confidence but not a narrative. If you spend $2000 with a marketer you'll up-level your narrative but still need to build presence. You need both to be a powerful storyteller.

Accomplish more with less using our targeted approach. Our session fee is $550. We meet virtually so you can join from anywhere. We will work on your narrative and your presence and we guarantee you will walk out with both. If you're not satisfied, we will refund you.

"Product Maestro helped me identify the right customer story for my narrative. Finally, investors are putting down their phones and listening to my pitch!"

-- CEO, software startup in US

"I didn't know that my personal story can become a powerful part of my company's story. Uncovering this has helped me talk to my team and my customers."

-- CEO, Recruiting company in Germany

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