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Whether it's internal stakeholders, customers or investors, our workshops help leadership and product teams craft and delivery power stories about their products. Influence your audience with theatre-grade storytelling.

Whether it's your customers, investors or internal stakeholders, stories is the best path to a shared understanding.

"One of the best workshops I’ve had in many years. The interdisciplinary format is ingenious!”

- CEO,

"Great session, great energy, great learnings! I want more. I'm so happy I went."

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What is the Product Storytelling Workshop?

In this collaborative workshop, we work with your leaders to Align, Craft and Deliver a compelling vision to customers, employees and investors. Delivered by Connie Kwan, with 15 years of Product Management experience in Silicon Valley, together with Max Koknar, with 15 years as an actor, theatre director and educator, this unique workshop combines business acumen with storytelling techniques of performance theatre. The full workshop contains 5 tool-kits to equip you with the skills to Align, Craft and Deliver your product vision and move your audience. The full workshop is one day (7h) and can be customized. Tool-kit workshops (1.5h) are also available. Inquire by emailing

Tool-kit 1: Product Vision

This tool-kit is built to create powerful content that unifies into one central product vision. First, we draw out your product or company's vision. This process is particularly useful for creating alignment between internal and customer facing teams. This is the heart of your content work. From this product vision wheel, all variations of your stories are crafted to appeal to different audiences.

Tool-kit 2: Story Craft

Emotional journeys define the core beliefs of your audience, and all messages to your audience must speak to their core belief or it will feel inauthentic. Learn about the six emotional journeys that are appropriate for business, and practice applying them to your vision to take your audience on a compelling story arc.

Tool-kit 3: Audience Archetype

What message styles resonate with your audience? Using our proprietary Audience Archetype system you can quickly type your audience and choose the correct speaker archetype in your delivery. You will gain techniques for refining your pitch’s content and delivery approach. Be prepared to expertly paint your vision for your customers, employees and investors.

Tool-kit 4: Speaker Archetype

Are you more of an Evangelist, a Visionary or a Professor? There are six archetypes and each represent your speaking style. Use our proprietary Speaker Archetype system to discover your speaker strengths, then learn to tune your delivery for different audiences.

Tool-kit 5: Personal Presence

Practice makes perfect. Get feedback on body language and voice presence so you can be the most compelling you on stage and on video. Learn exercises that help you continue building personal presence. We help you practice varying your delivery styles to appeal to different audiences while staying authentic.

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Your workshop hosts

Max Koknar is a Turkish-born actor, director, writer, educator, producer and the Co-Artistic Director of Dragon Productions. Over a professional career of 15 years, Max has entertained over a half million people as a performer; produced a touring program serving over 100,000 children a year across the west coast; founded an education program designed to increase language fluency and communication skills of at risk youth in partnership with the Ohio State University; created sold-out immersive experiences with Epic Immersive; and collaborated with Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Box, Intuit, and Genentech as executive coach, training facilitator and experience designer.

Connie Kwan is a seasoned story-crafter and Product leader who has crafted and delivered product visions in her roles as Chief Product Officer and CEO. In her 15 years spanning enterprise and consumer, SaaS, health, energy and semiconductor, she has told stories on stage at Google Tech Talk, Health 2.0, and Atlassian's annual conference. Additionally she has been on panels for Women in Product and Product Pub and was interviewed for a podcast for Practical Product. She understands how to engage different audiences through powerful narrative.

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