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Product Storytelling Workshop

for Sales, Marketing and Product Teams

Is your product many things for many people? Are your customers a bit confused about what you offer?  Is your product story hard to tell? Then this workshop is for you and your team. 

We will customize from a set of  4 frameworks to help your team:
(1) Map the product value you bring to your customers 
(2) Create a Story Fractal that connects the dots between customer personas, jobs-to-be-done, and feature packages
(3) Identify your Unfair Advantage against competitors. 
(4) Apply Narratives to make your product's story come to life 

Silicon Valley Mindset Workshop 

for start-up and business communities

Is your business community curious about how Silicon Valley ships products?  Do you want to bring some of the magic sauce to your own business practices?  Then this workshop is for you. Silicon Valley is famous for innovation because of its Product-led and Global-first mindset. In this workshop, attendees will learn about these mindsets and how they enable businesses to scale. Then, through a series of exercises, attendees will rethink how they can deliver scalable solutions to their customers. We will explore how to move from a service to a product-led company, and from local to global-first models that scale. At the end of the workshop, attendees will have a completed Product Opportunity Canvas. This is their starting point for re-imagining their businesses.

Pricing and Packaging Workshop

for Sales, Marketing and Product teams

Pricing is the most important attribute of your product. Learn how to interview your customers to draw out pricing ranges that don't leave money on the table. Discover tools that let you price differently for different customers in a scalable way.

Custom Workshop

Have a product challenge in mind that I can help you with, please reach out and share more. I can customize a workshop for your team. 

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