Got a product hunch on the back burner?

Our 6-week MAESTRO process validates your hunches and turn them into realistic futures for your product. Turn your "What-ifs" into actionable, reality-checked plans .

Save Runway with a small investment that gives you a glimpse around the corner.

You've been here before. The PM and development teams are focusing on shipping your 6 month roadmap. On the back burner are 'what-ifs' that won't ship until 1-2 years out, but they may affect you near term roadmap. What if you can invest a little to actually chase down those 'what-ifs' with our MAESTRO process? What if you can save runway by going down the right path sooner? How will that change things for you?

My Experience

My name is Connie Kwan. I am a 15-year Product Management veteran with experience spanning enterprise, SaaS, consumer apps, cryptocurrency, health tech, energy and semiconductor industries. I was Chief Product Officer at Carrot, and Head of Product at Atlassian's App Marketplace. I shipped consumer apps at Microsoft, founded 2 software startups, and consulted for ImpactIQ and Prior to software, I managed solar and inverter (OEM) products at SunPower and semiconductor products at Cypress Semiconductor. Innovation happens at the intersection of domains. I bring a breadth of domain experiences to your product challenges.

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