Become product driven

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Become Product Driven

Create crystal clear roadmaps driven by market needs.

Build organizations of product excellence.

Every growth stage company wants to become product-driven. But what does that really mean?

As a product advisor, I lead companies down the path of becoming a product driven organization. I provide guidance on:

(1) Setting company vision based on the right mix of inputs from customers, market, and competition

(2) Creating the infrastructure for continuous integration of customer input

(3) Driving faster and better decision making through discipline.

(4) Hiring exceptional Product Managers at every stage of growth

(5) Designing Squad teams based on Agile principles

每个成长阶段的公司都希望以产品管理为中心。 但是,这是什么意思?

作为产品顾问,我带领公司走上以产品管理为中心的道路。 我提供以下的指导:

(1) 利用客户需求,市场趋势和公司竞争力的正确组合设定公司愿景。

(2) 创建基础架构以获取客户意见。

(3) 通过纪律推动更快,更好的决策。

(4) 在每个增长阶段雇用优秀的产品经理。

(5) 团队设计和 Agile 原则。

My Experience

My name is Connie Kwan. I am a 15-year Product Management veteran with experience spanning enterprise, SaaS, consumer apps, cryptocurrency, health tech, energy and semiconductor industries. I was Chief Product Officer at Carrot, and Head of Product at Atlassian's App Marketplace. I shipped consumer apps at Microsoft, founded 2 software startups, and consulted for ImpactIQ and Prior to software, I managed solar and inverter (OEM) products at SunPower and semiconductor products at Cypress Semiconductor. Innovation happens at the intersection of domains. I bring a breadth of domain experiences to your product challenges.

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Advisory engagements vary, but a common model is a monthly retainer for 5 hours a month which includes 1 weekly call plus extra time for spec and roadmap feedback. I look for the best way to leverage my time to help you succeed, and you will get access to frameworks and templates that help your team accelerate their product maturity. Book a 15 minute consultation to find out more.